Buckwheat Products


Fine granulation mixture of the aleurone layer of hulled seed and seed embryo, the richest parts of the seed.

Fancy Flour

Inner endosperm excluding hull, aleurone layer, and embryo.

Supreme Flour

Includes certain percentage of hull and endosperm.

Buckwheat Seed

Whole Buckwheat seed.


Hulled seed.


Coarse granulation of groat.


The outer black layer of seed.

Mustard Products

Yellow Mustard
Brown Mustard

Mustard Seed

Yellow, Brown, and Oriental.

Oriental Mustard

Ground Mustard

Different grades available (GM1, GM2, GM3, and GM4).

Mustard Bran

Flour made of bran

Individual Mustard Flour

Fine granulation of mustard seed (any type).

Blended Mustard Flour

Desired combination of yellow, and oriental mustards for specific usage.

Deheated Ground Mustard

Myrosinase enzyme is inactivated by a controlled process, which helps retain the desirable characteristics of yellow mustard. This allows using functional properties of mustard without the development of characteristic mustard flavor in many food systems.

Yellow Cracked Mustard


Brown Cracked Mustard


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