Minn-Dak Growers Ltd. has accomplished proven records of excellence as a processor and supplier of specialty crop food ingredients since the year of its establishment in 1967.  Employees headed by Mr. Harold Peterson run Minn-Dak Growers Ltd.  Our integrated research efforts compel us to find new and better ways of exceeding the expectation of our customers.  Minn-Dak specialty food ingredients will continue to be the standard against which the industry is measured. 

Harris Peterson the founder began working at a young age and helped his father with the farming. He started cleaning seed for himself and neighbors in his spare time and founded the H. A. Peterson Feed and Seed Co. in 1947 when he began processing peas, canary seed, and mustard seed in a quonset. His vision and hard work have moved his seed-processing career from one Forsberg sieve mill and one elevator leg to a multi-million-dollar complex. Minn-Dak Growers Ltd. is now one the most modern and efficient mustard flour mills and buckwheat complexes in North America. It has facilities in Grand Forks, ND, Donaldson, MN, and Dickinson, ND, which supply mustard and buckwheat ingredients to the food industry worldwide. 

The company has transitioned ownership from Harris to his son Harold and grandson Jeremy. It is the wishes of these next two generation to carry on the vision that Harris worked so hard to establish. The new vision it to continue on for the next generation.


Crop Production Research

A comprehensive crop production research effort address all major issues faced by our growers to raise buckwheat, mustard, and safflower (specialty crops).  We assist our growers in planning and implementing all aspects of farming operations so that they can fit specialty crops profitably in their cropping systems.  Our activities include:

  • Arranging meetings to educate growers prior to growing season.
  • Assisting with crop management decision-making during the growing season.
  • Implementing crop management research to answer grower questions.
  • Sponsoring research to develop improved crop varieties.
  • Assisting growers with technical handouts, bulletins, and extension publications.

These efforts help ensure the best quality products to enter our processing plants.

Processing and Quality Research

The latest processing equipment and laboratory technology ensure that our customers consistently receive quality food ingredients.  Our processing and research also focus on new demands of our customers.  Some of these activities include:

  • Buckwheat flour effects on pasta, bread, and puffed snacks.
  • New processing technology to “deheat” mustard.
  • Evaluating new uses of food ingredients, such as buckwheat starch for fat replacement and mustard flour as an antioxidant.
  • Compare in-house quality lab data with other commercial laboratories.

Marketing Research

We constantly monitor the changing trends in the food industries.  We study new ways of utilizing our ingredients.  We accomplish this through:

  • Direct contact with our customers.
  • Participation in trade shows.
  • Market research.
  • Internet search and promotion.
  • The Cutting Edge

This integrated research and development approach helps Minn-Dak provide the best food ingredients to earn customers trust and stay on the cutting edge of the food ingredients industry.

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